用途 Application
This product is applicable to coal mine three-phase power supply system,which is neutral point and not direct grounding with AC 50Hz,rated voltage 1140V or 660V,rated current 400A or below.It can be used as main switch and branch switch for distribution system,also can be used for not-frequent starting control for large capacity electromotor.
This product comprehensive protection adopts digital single chip technology,possess the functions such as overload,short circuit,under voltage,voltage loss protection;selective electrical leakage protection;standby protection for branch switch electrical leakage,and electrical leakage locking protection.
型号 Model
技术参数 Technical parameter
 额定电流 Rated working current
400A 200A
 额定电压 Rated working voltage
1140V 660V 1140V 660V
 额定短路通断能力 Rated short-circuit connect and break capability
7.5KA 9KA 4.5KA 7.5KA
 漏电保护动作值 Leakage protection action value
20KΩ 11KΩ 20KΩ 11KΩ
 漏电闭锁值 Leakage locing value
40KΩ 22KΩ 40KΩ 22KΩ
 短路保护动作时间 Short-circuit protection action time
<100ms <100ms
 漏电保护分断时间 Leakage protection breaking time
≤30ms ≤30ms