用途 Application
DW80 Series exploding isolation type feeding switch used for mining is applicable to coal mine or in ambient with explosible admixture gas such as firedamp in the surrounding medum, In the circuit with AC50Hz,rated voltage 600V used as main switch and branch switch for the power supply system.Also can be used as not-frequent starting for large capacity electromotor,and when appear overload and short circuit ,it will cut the power supply automatically.
型号 Model
技术参数 Technical parameter
 型号 Model
DW80-200 DW80-350
 额定工作电压 Rated working voltage
380V,660V 380V,660V
 额定发热电流 Rated thermal current
200A 350A
 过电流脱扣器额定电流 Rated current of over-current trip
200A 400A
 瞬时电流脱扣器整定电流 Rectified current of instantaneous-current trip
200A-300A-600A 400A-600A-1200A
 短路分断能力 (有效值)
 Short-circuit breaking capacity (Effective value)
 380V COSφ=0.35
10KA 10KA
 660V COSφ=0.35
 Outside diameter of cabe
 主回路 Main circuit
φ42-51 φ55-63
 控制回路 Control circuit
φ 12-19 φ12-19
 重量 Weight
140 kg 140kg