QJZ-200S,315S400S/1140 QJZ-2X200/1140
用途 Application
QJZ系列智能化矿用隔爆兼本质安全型双速(双回路)真空电磁起动器适用于煤矿井下,交流50Hz 额定电压1140V(660V)的线路中,对电流400(200A)及以下三相鼠笼型双绕组电机直接连动,停止和双速切换及单机、联机进行控制
QJZ serise intelligent mining used ex-proof intrinsic safety dual speed (dual circuits)vacuum elecuum elecrtomagnetic starter is suitable in coal well to directly start,stop and dualspeed switch-over 3 phase squirrel cage motor of 50Hz,rated volatage 1140V (660) rated current up to 400A(200A) Proceeds single control or interlocked operate with others.
特点 Characteristics
The starter has the function of protections for voltage faiure, over voltage,over loading short circui phase failure and leakage locking
技术参数 Technical parameter
 型号 Type
QJZ-400S/1140(660) QJZ-315S/1140(660) QJZ-200S/1140(660) QJZ-2X200S/1140(660)
 名称 Name
双速 Dual speed 双速 Dual speed 双速 Dual speed 双回路 Dual circuit
 额定电流 Rated current
400A 315A 200A 200A
 额定电压 Rated voltage
1140V,660V 1140V,660V 1140V,660V 1140V,660V