用途 Application
该产品适用于具有爆炸性危险气体和煤尘的矿井中,在交流50Hz,额定电压为1140V或660V ,控制额定电流只400A的三相鼠笼式异步电动机的直接起动,停止及反转,同时对电动机及有关电路进行保护,起动器可与甲烷传感器相连接用于检测才掘工作面的甲烷浓度,当其超限时起动器跳闸;控制电路采用本安型电路;具备单台就地控制与远方控制及多台程序控制功能,能显示工作电压、电流、瓦斯浓度,并能记忆故障参数。
This product is applicable to coal mine where has explosible dangerous gas and coal dust,It is used for controlling direct starting stop and reversion of three-phase squierrel cage type asynchronous motor whose rated current up to 400A in system of AC50Hz rated voltage 1140V or 660V, Meanwhile it protects the electromotor and relative circuit, The starter can be combined with firedamp sensor and used to test the consistency of mining working area,the starter will trip when it exceed the limit ;adopt intrinsic safety type circuit for the control circuit; possess the function of local control and remote control by single set and multi sets procedure control; display working voltage current and gas consistency can remember fault parameter
型号 Model
技术参数 Technical parameter
 型号 Type
QJZ-200 QJZ-315 QJZ-400
 额定工作电流 Rated working current
200A 315A 400A
 额定工作电压 Rated working ovltage
1140V 或 660V
 通断能力 Capacity of switching on and\switching of
接通Switch on 4000A 分断 switching off 3200A
 极限分断能力 Limit breaking capacity
 隔离开关分断能力 Breaking capacity of isolating switch
 故障时本安电压 Intrinsic safety voltage when fault
 故障时本安电流 Intrinsic safety vurrent when fault
 漏电闭锁阻值 Electrical leakage locking resistance value
40KΩ/1140V 22KΩ/660
 甲烷检测范围 Firedamp testing range
 甲烷传感器信号制 Firedamp sensor signal system