用途 Application
QBZ系列矿用隔爆型真空电磁起动器适用于具有爆炸性危险和煤尘的煤矿井下,在交流50Hz,电压至660V 或1140V的电力系统中,作为就地或远距离控制额定电流分别至80A、120A、200A的矿用隔爆型三相鼠笼式异步电动机的起动或停止之用。并可在被控制电动机停止时进行换向,同时对电动机及有关电路进行过载、短路、断相、主电路漏电闭锁和失压保护。起动器特别适用于频繁操作、重负荷的煤矿机械设备控制
series exploding isolation type vacuum electromagnetic starter used for mining applicable to coal mine where has explosible dangerous gas and coal dust.In the electric systrm with AC50Hz voltage up to 660V or 1140V,used for local and remote control starting and stop when the controlled electromotor stop,mhile,it has protection functions such as over load,short circuit,loss of phase main circuit electrical leakage locking and voltage loss for electromotor and relative circuit.The starter is especially applicable for coal mine machniery equipment with frequent operation and heavy load coal mine machinery.
技术参数 Technical parameter
 型号 Model
QBZ-80 QBZ-120 QBZ-200 QBZ-80/1140
 额定工作电压 Rated working voltage
380V,660V 1140V
 额定工作电流 Rated working current
80A 120A 200A 80A
 η.cos Φ =0.75时控制电机的最大功率
 whenη.cos Φ =0.75,the highest power  control electrical motor
40Kw 60Kw 100Kw 115Kw
65Kw 100Kw 170Kw 115Kw
 控制回路电压 Control circuit voltage
 极限分断能力 Limit breaking capacity
1600A3次times 2500A3次times 4500A3次times 1600A3次times
 Outside diameter of input cableΦmm
 主回路 Main circuit
Φ32-40mm Φ32-40mm Φ42-51mm Φ32-40mm
 控制回路 Control circuit
 型号 Model
QBZ-80 QBZ-120 QBZ-200
 额定工作电压 Rated working voltage
380v 660V 380v 660v 380v 660v
 额定工作电流 Rated working current
80A 120A 200A
 η.cos Φ =0.75时控制电机的最大功率
 when η.cos Φ =0.75,the highest power to control electromotor
40kw 65kw 60kw 100kw 100kw 170kw
 JDB整定电流范围 JDBcurrent rectified range
5.5A-80A 30A-120A 55A-220A
 Capacity of switching on and switching off
 接通 Switch on
800A/100次times 1000A/100次times 1600A/100次times
960A/100次times 1200A/100次times 2000A/100次times
 分断 Switch off
640A/25次times 800A/25次times 1200A/25次times
800A/25次times 960A/25次times 1600A/25次times
 极限分断能力 Limit breaking capacity
2500A/3次times 250A/3次times 4500A/3次times
 机械寿命 Machinery service life
100万次 ten thousand times
 电寿命 Electricity servicelife
AC-3 60ten thousand times    AC-4 6ten thousand times
 引入电缆外径 Outside diameter of input cable Φ,mm
Φ32-40mm Φ12-19mm Φ45-51mm