用途 Application
This series starter widely used in the coal mine,and direct control starting, stop and reversion of three-phase squierrel cage type asynchronous motor ,possesses protection functions such as over load,short circuit,loss of phase and electrical leakage locking,etc.When tow sets interlock used,canrealize the mutual switch function for the main engine and auxiliary engine of the double portable fan ,which is double power supplied.Thus assure the work reliability,especially applicable for mine with high dangerous gas and draughty,water disvharge and power supply systems with double power supplied.
工作原理概述 Working principle description
When two switchable starters interlock used,push the button switches,which are on the switching plug in board of the two starters,to the main engine and auxiliary engine positation separately,then manual start the main engine to start work When the main engine stop working because of fault or power cut,the auxiliary engine can start autimatically.Whenthe poer cut or fault on the main engine eliminated,it will shift to the main engine and work,and the auxiliary engine be in stop and locked automatically.The switching time for main engine and auxiliary engine <2 sec
技术参数 Technical parameter
 型号 Model
QBZ-80Q QBZ-120Q QBZ-200Q
 额定工作电压 Rated working voltage
 额定工作电流 Rated working current
80A 120A 200A
 η.cos Φ =0.75时控制电机的最大功率
 When η.cos Φ =0.75,the highest power to contorol electromotor
40kw 60kw 100kw
65kw 100kw 170kw
 控制回路电压 Control circuit voltage
 极限分断能力 Limit breaking capacicty
1600(3 次)times 2500(3 次)times 4500(3 次)times
 Outside diameter of input cable Φ,mm
 主回路 Main circuit
Φ32-40mm Φ32-40mm Φ42-51mm
 控制回路 Control circuit
 重量 Weight
125Kg 140Kg 165Kg