用途 Application
QBC-80/660(380) 原QC83系列矿用隔爆型磁力起动器,适用于具有爆炸性危险气体和煤尘的煤矿井下,在交流50Hz,电压至660V的电力系统中,作为就地远距离控制额定电流至80A,120A,225A的矿用隔爆型三相鼠笼式异步电动机的起动或停止之用,并可在被控电动机体制时换向,具有失压保护、用熔断器作短路保护(QBC-30、80、80N)或用限流热继电器作短路及过载保护(QBC-120及225)
QBC-80/660(380) former is QC83 series exploding isolation type magnetic starter used for mining applicable to coal mine where has explosible dangerous gas and coal dust..In the electric system with AC50Hz voltage up to 660V,used for local and remotee control starting and stop of mining used three-phase squierrel cage type asynchronous motor whose rated current up to 80A,120A,225A And can change direction by fuse (QBC-30,80,80N) or short-circuit protection by cruuent limit thermorelay, over load protection (QBC-120及225)
型号 Model
技术参数 Technical parameter
 型号 Model
QBC-30 QBC-80 QBC-80N QBC-120 QBC-225
 额定工作电压 Rated working voltage
 额定发热电流 Rated thermal current
30A 80A 80A 120A 225A
 η.cos Φ =0.75时控制电机的最大功率
 When η.cos Φ =0.75 the highest power to control electromotor
15Kw 40Kw 40Kw 55Kw 110Kw
25Kw 60Kw 60Kw 100Kw 190Kw