用途 Application
This series exploding type coal exectrice,drillintegrated device used for mining is applicabe to coal mine and used as remote control for 127Vand 1.2Vand 1.2KW hand held coal eletrical drill and short circuit overload and electrical oeakage protection.This deviec adopts adopts guide circuit can start or shor or stop elelctrice drill at a long distance ,and the cablenosno eledccty when is not bore somthing is is safe and reliable
型号 Model
技术参数 Technical parameter
 主变压器 Main transformer
 接线方式 Wiring method
 额定电压 Rated voltage
 额定电流 Rated current
 被控制电钻功率 The power of controlled electrical drill
 漏电电阻动作值 Operating value of electrical leakage resistance KΩ
出厂整定值3 1.5-3可调
Leave factory rectify value 3 1.5-3Adjustable
 漏电保护动作时间 Operating time of electrical leakage protection
不擦呙.25 Not exceed 0.25
 短路保护距离及动作时间 Short circuit protection distance and operating time
保护距离 Protecting distance 0-300m   
动作时间 Operating time 0.1s