用途 Application
JJB-660/380(原 JY83-380/660A,B) 矿用隔爆型检漏继电器适用于具有爆炸性气体和煤尘的煤矿井下,在交流50Hz,电压至600V的三相中性点对地绝缘的供电网络中,与总馈电开关配合,实现一级漏电保护或两级选择性漏电保护,用以防止人身触电事故及限制由于漏电引起的起他意外的扩大。
JJB-660/380(原 JY83-380/660A,B) Exploding isolation type leak detection relay is applicable to coal mine with explosive gas and coal dust,in the three-phase power supply network which neutral point grounding insulation with AC50Hz,voltage up to 660V,match with the main feeding switch to realize first class electrical leakage protection or two classes selective electrical leakage protection thus avoid electrical shock shock accident and limit the accedents enlarge that caued by electrical leakge or other fortuitous accidents
型号 Model
技术参数 Technical parameter
 网路电压 Network voltage
380V 66V
 动作电阻值 Operating resistance value
3.5KΩ 11KΩ
 Single phase pass 1KΩ grounding operating time
 不加延时 No time delay added
≤50ms 300-400ms
 加延时 Add delay added
 The highest into ground current of the single phase pass1KΩresistance after compensation
   (2)产品中执行继电器的触头组,在电压为600V、频率为50Hz、COS Φ为0.4的网络中能分1A电流。
Note:(1)The network distributed capacitance of into ground current after compensation is 0-1 microfarad/every phase grounding;
   (2)The contactor group operating relay in the products,can get 1A current in the network whose voltage is 600V、frequency is 50Hz、and COS Φ is