用途 Application
This magnetic starter is mainly applicable for coal mine which has explosive gas and coal dust,control and protect ACelectromotor of rated voltage 6(10)KV,frequency 50Hz and rated current up to 400A,This magnetic starter is the newly developed generation product.Its technical indicatiors,performance and structure are all superior to the similar product in out contry.Especially the protection,adopt advanced singlechip technology,12 position A/D converter proceed sampling calculate to the communication single directly,show the actual state of power network,with full Chinese LCD display and menu operation,these make the circuit control conveniently and show abundance information,offer reliable control and protection to the power supply and electrical transformer system whose center point uneatrh or earth through arc suppression coil.
技术参数 Technical parameter
 额定电压 Rated voltage
 最高工作电压 Max working voltage
 额定电流 Rated current
50A 100A、200A、300A 、400A
 额定频率 Rated frequency
 额定最大开断电流 Rated max breaking current
8le(le means rated current of major circuit)
 额定关合电流 Rated closing current
10le(有效值)Peak value(le means rated current of major circuit)
 极限分断电流 Limit disconnection current
10le(le means rated current of major circuit)
 真空断路器机械寿命 The mechanical life of vacuum breaker
3x104次 times
 隔离开关机械寿命 The mechanical life of isolation switch
2000次 times