用途 Application
This series product is applicable for coal mine with firedamp or coal dust in the ambient,Applied as main switch (Z) of power aupply and branch switch(F) of terminal of disribution branch circuit of AC 50Hz rated voltage 660V or 1140V,rated current 400A and below,After add with a under-voltage protection,it can be used as infrequent start for electromotor.
The protection system of this product adopts Chinese display and advanced singlechip tecnology .Equipped with PSW2003 system software to realize automatization of distribution for coal mine.
特点 Characteristics
The feeding switch possesses functions of overload,short-circuit,over voltage protection,phase loss and three-phase symmetric leakage protection,back-up protection of branch switch leakage protection and leakage locking protection.

Note:Ⅱis reactor type, Ⅲ is windy and electric gas locking type
技术参数 Technical parameter
 额定工作电压 Rated working voltage
400A 500A 630A
 额定工作电流 Rated working current
1140V 660V 1140v 660V 1140v 660V
 断路器极限分断能力 Limit breaking capacity of breaker
7.5KA 9KA 9KA 12.5KA 12.5KA 15KA
 分段时间 Breaking time
30ms 30ms 30ms
 切断短路电流时间 Time of cutting short-circuit current
60ms 60ms 60ms
 漏电保护动作阻值为 Resistance value of leakage protect action
20KΩ 11KΩ 20KΩ 11KΩ 20KΩ 11KΩ
 漏电闭锁值 Leakage locking resistance value
40KΩ 22KΩ 40KΩ 22KΩ 40KΩ 22KΩ